Mike Garson's Masterclass Series (Season One)- Shipped USB Thumb Drive
Mike Garson's Masterclass Series (Season One)- Shipped USB Thumb Drive
Mike Garson's Masterclass Series (Season One)- Shipped USB Thumb Drive

Mike Garson's Masterclass Series (Season One)- Shipped USB Thumb Drive

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Join Mike Garson for his first series of masterclass sessions in 2021. Each session is perfect for all regardless of experience on subjects ranging from life on the road with Bowie to piano improvisation and the healing powers of music. The recordings of each of these 12 sessions are now available for you to enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by. In total, they offer over 24 hours of valuable lessons and information plus exclusive performances, special guests, and much more.

You can choose the number of sessions you'd like to have access to from one to all twelve. For those purchasing fewer than the entire 12 session package, once your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive an email asking for which sessions you'd like to have download access to based on the quantity you've purchased. You can choose from the following first series masterclass topics:

  • Session 1 - From Aladdin Sane to Disco King - Exploring Mike’s Music With Bowie
    Students came with their questions and observations as the group discussed, listens to and dissected the Bowie catalog with Mike as it pertained to the dozens of albums and songs that he and David collaborated on, recorded, and played together. This inaugural session includes a live performance of Bowie's "Slip Away" on piano by Mike Garson.  
  • Session 2 - Songwriting - Hooks, Chord Progressions and More
    Mike dives deep with students into exploring both simple methods for those starting out as well as advanced insights, tools, and techniques into the art of songwriting.  This session includes a live performance of Mike's popular "Lullabye for My Daughters" song.
  • Session 3 - Improvising on Piano
    Explore piano improvisation with Mike - one of the industry's most recognized improvisational pianists. Mike works with on how to enter and expand your world of improvisational playing in ways that apply to all aspects and genres of music.
  • Session 4 - David and Me - Making Music and Touring With Bowie
    Mike discusses and answers questions about what it was like being on the road with David Bowie - on the bus, backstage, in the studio, and in the spotlight - hear stories and talk with Mike about his days together with David including insight from Mike's special guests, Bowie alumni band members Carmine Rojas and Alan Childs.  This session includes a live performance of Bowie's "Quicksand" on piano by Mike Garson.
  • Session 5 - Practice Techniques
    With decades of experience and 12,000 individual piano lessons under his belt, Mike explores how to practice playing at an ideal growth rate without going above or below your level. Dig down deep in this session to improve your practice techniques and set yourself on the best path towards success.
  • Session 6 - The Art of Voicing - Exploring the Placement of Notes in a Chord Structure
    There are an infinite amount of ways to voice a chord and hundreds of "standard" voicings. In this session, Mike explores the thousands of voicings he can help you learn to create yourself as he introduces and explores important concepts and techniques on the art of voicing.  This session includes a live performance of Bowie's "Memory of a Free Festival" on piano by Mike Garson.
  • Session 7 - Healing Aspects of Music
    We grow up thinking of music as entertainment and a distraction. However, when looking deeper, the music we love the most has powerful spiritual, emotional, and physical impacts on which Mike explores in-depth as the power of music is examined from a different perspective in this powerful and emotional session.
  • Session 8 - What They Don’t Teach in Schools: Pulse, Intention, Surrender, Joy
    There are a variety of important, foundational aspects of artistic creation which aren't taught by most teachers or school systems. Mike explores these concepts which he considers the most important to create powerful music - or any kind of art you choose.  This session includes a live performance of Bowie's "Space Oddity" on piano by Mike Garson.
  • Session 9 - How to Be Free Through Discipline
    Mike has discovered that the harder one works on the details and the more repetition and drilling one does in preparation, the freer that person will become in their execution. Be a part of Mike's in-depth exploration of this topic where he answers questions and reviews techniques and ideas that have helped him on his path to success.  This session includes a live performance by Mike of his song  "Searching" on piano.
  • Session 10 - Ask Mike Anything
    All aboard! Here's an exciting opportunity for students to have asked Mike anything! Mike works with the group answering their questions, telling stories, playing music, and discussing a variety of topics of the day.
  • Session 11 - Exploring Your Talent
    Mike works with students in this session on important ways to align passions and connect it to on's talent leading towards how you just might know when you've struck gold.
  • Session 12- Performance Skills - Projection, Intention & Agendas
    Mike explores new thoughts on handling your audience and how to impactfully get your point across in performance. Hear Mike's take on related topics like making sure the music lands in the seat of the audience member, overcoming stage fright, and answers to related questions. This session includes a live performance of Bowie's "Life on Mars" on piano by Mike Garson.

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