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Piano Anthology - Signed CD

Piano Anthology - Signed CD

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From Bach to Bowie, east coast to west coast, piano keyboards to computer keyboards, Mike has worked to make the world a more creative, compassionate and compelling place. He remains a man of many talents and limitless inspiration.

Track Listing:

  1. Prayer in C Major
  2. Prayer in D Major
  3. Prayer in F Minor
  4. Children's Song No. 1
  5. Children's Song No. 3
  6. Children's Song No. 10
  7. Blues in C Major
  8. Blues in E-Flat Major
  9. Blues in F-Sharp Major
  10. I Got Gershwin
  11. Heather
  12. Invention No. 1 in C Minor
  13. Invention No. 2 in F Minor
  14. Invention No. 3 in a Minor
  15. Nocturne in D-Flat Major
  16. Homage to Ligeti
  17. Sonata No. 3
  18. Bonus Track: Gershwin Fantasia

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